Ms. ZHU Linghui, Ms. PUN Hiu Ching

Emerald Isle, the new name for this redevelopment project, provides surrounding people with a quiet and calm resting place to reflect on their personal lives. The redesigned pavillion, paired with the water fountain located in the upper garden, provides a way for people to peacefully disconnect from their busy working lives and recollect their thoughts. The new extension of the podium allows for better circulation in and out of the passive and semi-passive spaces. The implementation of elevators and the curved ramp towards the garden areas allow for a more inclusive and easily accessible space, for the disabled. From the layout plans, specific areas of the Emerald Isle have been labelled and serve a specific purpose in providing the best experience for any user. Emerald Isle promotes an inclusive and diverse environment by allowing children, young adults, middle-aged workers, the disabled, and elderly with easily accessible and open spaces to relax, reflect, and become immersed in the moment. Inspired by this existing lookout area, the Adventure Spectrum Isle ensures a safe and secure space to keep a lookout for nearby children. The Blazing Light Forest simulates a kind of sensory stimulation facility that includes a sand pool with a variety of sand art for everyone to enjoy. Ink Bliss Dive is a space that is specifically designed to create a quiet and peaceful environment for anyone to think, reflect, and share personal thoughts while being part of this immersive experience. Emerald Isle hopes to provide an experience of new life beginnings, open and inclusive spaces, and inner-peace for all users on the Isle.