Mr. Chester LEE Yan Ming, Mr. Harold LAM Ho Wang, Mr. CHAN Ho Hin, Ms. TSE Ming Yan, Ms. WU Fan, Ms. CHUNG Pui Shan

The Choi Hung Road Playground has witnessed historical changes along Choi Hung Road. Its literal meaning, rainbow, has fostered an enduring local identity that embraces collectivism. With diversity as the driving force, Sun Pi Kong has grown from a small village into a multi-Industrial centre and soon become a hub for creativity and regeneration.

The rainbow inspires our overall design. as we imagine spaces as elements that shape different facets of life. From an album of collective memories to a realm of dynamics and imagination, we also vividly portraits the vibrant character or the former Kai Tak Amusement Park. This new park breaks through traditional boundaries by reflecting the colours of life.

Design Vision
Three design vision are incorporated as the axis of our design, namely ‘Inherit’, ‘Interact’ and ‘Inspire’. Through bringing back faded streetscapes, long-missed items and vanished places, we hope to ‘inherit’ and reconstruct the legacy of the former Kai Tak Amusement Park in new forms. Through including multiple ‘interactive’ installations for everyone that comes across with the playground,, we envision everyone having an equal opportunity to enjoy the active and passive facilities the playground offers. With the incision of a wide range of sensory stimulating and exhibition stalls, we aspire to evoke creativity and inspiration within the community. With these visions in mind, we have split our design into three part, namely land, cloud and rainbow, that delivers a sequential experience to its users.

Land: Adventure Park
The adventure park aims at catering to different people of different ages according to their preferences and needs, including seating area, exercise area for the elderly and facilities such as bouncing net, climbing net and slides which can attract children to play. The adventure park made use of the existing slope of the park and incorporated different new facilities to enhance its attractiveness.

Cloud: Cloud Deck
We use the cloud as the representation of the deck. The deck mainly connects different levels of the site, linking the upper level to the ground floor. People are able to walk from the new entrance to the deck. Also, the deck is proposed to extend to the developing deck and the water feature park and the sports center at another side of the park. There is an extension of the area above the Kai Tak River to let people view the scenery.

Rainbow: Rainbow Road
The monorail adopts colors of rainbow as a representation of the former Kai Tak Amusement Park in order to reawaken the collective memories of the past. The joyful ride surrounds the perimeter of the playground to offer a stunning elevated experience that is suitable for all ages. Notably, the Kai Tak River is vividly displayed through the lens of its users to remind them of the past glory of Kai Tak as a prominent industrial cluster.

With the proposed playground, we hope to ‘inherit’, ‘interact’ and ‘inspire’, and sculpting Choi Hung Road playground a better place for its community for years to come.