Ms. JIN Li, Mr. GAN Zixuan, Ms. HE Yuxiao

‘Greenery Illuminates’ – Sculpting East Kowloon’s Past, Lighting up the Future for San Po Kong

Yesterday of East Kowloon and Today’s San Po Kong East Kowloon was a thriving industrial area in Hong Kong, but urban revitalization has brought new modern urban spaces at the cost of demolishing cultural symbols. San Po Kong was a major cargo dock in early 20th century HK, however most of its land is now residential, impacting the local economy. Commercial and industrial development in the area requires proactive strategies to find new growth opportunities.

Cultivating An Activities’ Container Recording the Urban Context Cultural public spaces will play the role of connecting communities and shape future development in Kowloon East. Choi Hung Road Playground will redefine the area’s public space, driving development with creative ideas and adaptations to urban needs.

Incorporating Creativity to Reshape the Hub of Public Vitality Choi Hung Road Playground, a vital hub in the area, links open spaces, communities, and facilities to create an urban context and public vitality. Diverse experiential spaces incorporate traditional carving, neon lights, and natural light. Functional bubbles connect through a continuous path, creating a full-coverage network. Parks form a cultural landmark with iconic elements, recognized by citizens.

Multidimensional System Integration, Weaving the Public Attraction for Diversified Users

-Series of Scenes Connected by the Continuous Loop A continuous active loop flows through the site, serving as a jogging trail and supporting public events. ‘The Story Tour of San Po Kong in East Kowloon’ and ‘Neon Light Art Exhibition’ engage the community. Local culture is displayed along the path and in the Cultural Gallery near the main north entry.

-Spiritual Resonation of Systematic Design Aiming to create an engaging sense of place by incorporating local cultural symbols into the site design, using them in the landscape lighting and directing systems. This approach surprises and delights users while fostering a sense of connection with the community.

-Design with Empathy: Disability Care & Environmental Conservation Our approach preserves original terrain, with existing vegetation and new greenery. We offer access for education, fitness, and nature, alongside main site functions, with sustainable and cost-effective design.

-Illuminating Urban Vitality Coalescing Cultural VibrationsReviving Hong Kong Urban Impressions & Cultural Charm of Disappearing Landscape, Neon Elements as a Disappearing Techniques Carries Many Memories of Local Residents, Now Neon Elements Were Combined with Sign System, Embedded with Hong Kong Culture Gene.

-‘THE CLOUD’ Parent-child Educational Playground Old Venues Implanted with New Functional Forms Promotes the Transformation of the Park in the future development of San Po Kong. Transforming existing terrain creates a parent-child education playground, immersive entertainment space, and rich perspective. Aircraft sculptures integrate with play facilities, awakening memories of previous generations and becoming a unique cultural landmark.

-Integration of site’s historical artifacts the improvement of boundary connectivities Restore hillside, add exercise path, preserve vegetation. Ramp connects bus stop to park levels, improving public access. Retain original wall structure, enhance peaceful environment with natural shadows.