Mr. CHAN Chun Yin, Mr. CHUNG Ho Yin, Mr. HUI Shing Lam, Ms. YONG Huey Ee, Ms. SO Wing Kei

Choi Hung Road Playground (CHRP) has a long and rich history as Kai Tak Amusement Park, this project aims to regenerate the current playground and reconnects to its past glory, activating the potential of the ‘Hub’.

Rainbow in Motions (Design Concept)
The project aims to activate and connect the site by introducing ‘Motion’ to the community, playground and city. Our initial idea is derived from the temptation for roller coaster ride and its sensation of motion and excitement. By creating a continuous elevated structure to connect the existing site, allowing climbing and playing on various levels and node points. These structures form alternative ways to reach the hilltop.

Reconnect with the Past (Historical and Cultural)
The insertion of an elevated canopy structure makes reference to the historical past of the amusement park. This canopy reassembles material reference of the amusement part to the urban fabric and also creates an intertwined element that better defines and connects the existing hill top and ground. The design also aims to enhance the historical aspects of the site by designing specific wall and floor graffiti that passively introduce the history of the former Kai Tak amusement park and San Po Kong area.

Urban Adventure for All (Programme)
The design challenges the stereotype of a traditional playground and introduces ‘Playfulness’ for all ages (children, adults and elderly) and groups (friends, family and colleagues). The intertwined canopy structure creates spaces for climbing bars, elevated walkways, jumping platforms and seating. The active and passive space including: skating park, garden, children agility park, ballfield and an open ground for various community events.

Motion in City (Connectivity)
Situated between Wong Tai Shin, Diamond Hill and San Po Kong, CHRP is targeted to become a major pedestrian connection between these 3 areas for the convenience of
the local community and workforce in San Po Kong. The project will take into consideration the future lift tower and linkbridge connection, creating a generous walkway into San Po Kong, encouraging and promoting Walkability. Access onto the platforms will be enhanced and fit for current BFA requirements.


Add-on Structures ONLY (Construction/Sustainability)
In order to minimise the site reformation works on raised platforms, a lightweight steel structural system has been considered as a main design feature. These steel tubular structures can be prefabricated off site and installed onsite to shorten construction period and reduce cost required. Site reformation will occur by reorganising the soil massing to form a gentle slope for access to the hilltop.