In response to findings from Community Engagement Event and historical values of the place, airplanes signifying the old Kai Tak Airport and mechanical gears reminiscing the industrial spirit in San Po Kong are taken as design inspirations to create an iconic, user-inclusive and playful open space for the general public. Airplanes and mechanical gears are aesthetically and philosophically used to generate this “Flying Machine”, in which different components symbolizing the spirit of the district infiltrates into the proposed redevelopment. At the same time, preservation of historical remains, i.e., stone wall and flying bridge, would be achieved through blending the old and new with the application of colorful paint on the existing bridge structure and horizontal bands along the stone wall holistically. Apart from responding to existing condition, paving design mimicking airport runway could be easily extended to surrounding areas or transportation hubs when it is necessary, paving its way to becoming the future interchange node.

Zone 1- Flying Up and Down:
Human-sized hamster wheels are introduced to mimic the mechanical components of industrial factories in this district and to offer users at different ages a fun exercise experience. Besides, undulating ground offers children a climbing experience as if they are flying up and down in the air.

Zone 2- Let’s “Ride” the Plane:
This “plane riding” area offers visitors at different ages a playful experience to trigger the movement of the kinetic airplanes through riding the exercise bikes. Moreover, the mechanical expression of the kinetic sculptures echoes with the industrial vibe of the district.

Zone 3+4- Hide and Seek in the Airplane + Sand Play Area:
Featuring the big airplane as a hide and seek play shelter, the berm where the big airplane sits is covered by EPDM rubber granules undulating at different heights.

Zone 5- Water Play Area
Pavilions resembling mechanical wheels integrate with interactive mist and water
 splash system for cooling the playground and accentuating the sense of playfulness. These pavilions were also applied in different areas of the entire park.

Zone 6- Learning Hub in the Nature:
This outdoor amphitheater offers visitors a pleasant natural environment to enjoy different workshops/ performances. The area was also surrounded by kinetic airplane sculptures to celebrate and remind visitors the history of the place.

Zone 7- Swinging in the Sky
Swinging balls are introduced to offer visitors a motion play experience as if they are swinging in the sky.

Zone 8- Surfing in the Sky
This adventure play area is equipped with both zip line and musical chimes to advocate inclusive play experience through the provision of zip line with disabled seats for children with special needs and tubular instrumental chimes installed at a height that could be reached by small children.


Zone 9- The Mirror Pavilion
The Pavilion makes use of climbing plants and reflective panels to create an intriguing spatial experience, which could become an exhibition venue to inspire visitors to think upon the history and to vision into the future.