Ms. WONG Siu Man

Surrounded by industrial and residential buildings in Wong Tai Sin District, the existing playground is serving different communities with various user expectations. This design of open space aims to provide an enjoyable space for people to have fun as they might be in their childhood. It recalls the history of area with elements watchtower, amusement park features and industrial buildings. It adopts the new green technique and technologies like rain garden and rain water collection system for irrigation and sustainable management.

Objectives of design included: improve connectivity, enhance social inclusiveness, recall the history of the site, and respond to future development. Strategies used are to increase connectivity more entrance and exit; to provide ramp and staircase to upper level; to use different play elements to recall the old times; to retain the beautiful planting and stone wall; to plant more trees to facilitate microclimate and biodiversity; and to use new green technology to make a more sustainable future. Rain garden is adopted in all the planting beds.

Water fall recalls the days when the space was occupied as airport and the water (sea) was near. It also responds and links to the nearby water, Kai Tak River and future water park. It has a pond for rainwater collection system. There is a walking path for people to enjoy the peace brings by water. The path circulating the water allows people to embrace themselves in a natural like environment and relax from the bustling city.

Fortune Wheel recalls the days when the space was occupied as amusement park. It has rectangular pavilions (the industrial buildings), seating (the compact space) and a big wheel. The wheel wishes a good future for the area. This place acts as the focal point of landscape and attracts people to take photos and enjoy the moments.

The Circular Stage allows nearby communities and others to perform programmes such as singing, dancing and fashion walk. The surrounded seating mimics the train in the amusement park and creates a sense of curiosity and fun.

Watchtower & Safe House recalls the days when the space was used as watchtower. There is watch-eyes allow people to look down to the ground area. Safe House has a communication hollow allows people to play military / spy games.The Children Land provides a wonderful place for children to explore and play with sand. This type of experience is not offered in the surrounding areas.

The plaza provides a multifunctional place for the communities to carry out various activities such as group exercise, ball games, holiday market and exhibitions.