Ms. LEE Hiu Yan, Mr. CHOW Sum Yin, Ms. WONG Wai Yee, Mr. LAI Ho Chun, Mr. WONG Chun

‘Field and Hill 蒲田山崗’ aims to create a poetic yet playful interface between people, nature, and the city. Site ‘San Po Kong 新蒲崗’ has its name originated from the ancestral home and area’s topography. In Chinese, ‘Po’ is the abbreviation of field and ‘Kong’ is the abbreviation of hill. Project celebrates this geographical concept and transform itself into a cultural and social hub, shaped by the two main zones ‘Po-Field’ (蒲田)and ‘Hill-Kong’ (山崗).




Design is aware of future planning and placed two entrance nodes at East and West side, one facing existing link bridge from lower Wong Tai Sin Estate, another facing Po Kong Village Road for future connection to Diamond Hill. Entrance nodes feature some small valleys and specially designed installation that irrigate surrounding plants and create a misty ambience inspired by the mountain mist, a subtle yet welcoming entry. An elevated walkway is introduced to connect all levels from ‘Po-Field’ to ‘Hill-Kong’.


‘Po-Field 蒲田


‘Po-Field’ refers to the lower levels of site. The open plaza sits in the heart of park surrounded by terraced staircase and patterned green field. Staircase not only connect ground to elevated walkway, but also function as collective seating, forming a central gathering space for potential communal events such as markets, performances, and auditorium. A skateboard park is placed on the other side as a reprovision of the existing sports ground. Small playgrounds, modern treehouses and pocket gardens are integrated under the elevated walkway attracting people to meet and communicate through the action of play.


‘Hill-Kong 山崗


‘Hill-Kong’ refers to the higher levels bounded by the existing stone wall, designed in a dynamic spatial sequence meandering a hill setting. At the foot of the hill, an educational corridor exhibits art and cultural crafts for public while they swim through the bamboo and waterfall scenery, which also function as air and noise pollution barrier to adjacent traffic. Mountainside holds a playground that provide a natural outdoor environment for children to facilitate play and exercise. Facilities are built using 3 stone and tree trunks, composed into zones for various physical ability levels. At the peak, visitors would find themselves surrounded by diverse natural textures and immersed into a tranquil hillscape experience. Multiple plastic tree pavilions with multicoloured spectrum are harmoniously blended into the background, providing shelter and calming environment for leisure and meditation. Landscape designs adapt sitelevel difference, uses stepping as a tool to imitate folds of the mountain ridges and hence, unfolding a picturesque landscape journey.





Reference to site’s once booming plastic flower industry and businesses such as ‘Red A’, plastic naturally became the choice of material display. Design shaped plastic into different forms and sizes such as small grain on the elevated walkway as walking trail, net and ropes in playground, seating, balustrade, etc. Design aim to nurture an emotive and therapeutic environment, captivate public attention, and to promote the versatile materiality of plastic.